Kentucky Exposition Center Starts Major Projects: Improvements to Highland Festival Grounds and Lot C

The Kentucky Exposition Center has begun work on the Highland Festival Grounds and Lot C improvement projects in preparation for future events. The projects are estimated to cost $1.2 million and be complete by the end of July. 

More than 126,000 cubic yards of dirt, the equivalent of 63 football fields (over 1 million wheelbarrows full of dirt) will be removed from the Highland Festival Grounds and used to level and fill Lot C. The removal of the dirt and addition of landscaping will expand the festival grounds by eight acres and provide ample space. 

Lot C will be made level with the Circle of Champions, allowing for permanent driving lanes and additional usable green space. To further improve the area, Kentucky Venues partnered with MSD for ideal drainage locations.

“We appreciate Governor Beshear’s administration and the Kentucky General Assembly for funding this project and realizing the important economic impact these major events bring to our state,” said David S. Beck, President, and CEO of Kentucky Venues.

The Kentucky Exposition Center boasts indoor and outdoor exhibit space unmatched in the event industry. Several clients have historically used a portion of the more than 300 acres of outdoor space at the Kentucky Exposition Center in unique ways and create millions of dollars in economic impact annually for the state.

View the live feed here.