Standard Parking Rate Increase Go Into Effect in 2023

New rates for Kentucky Exposition Center parking go into effect the first month of 2023. Effective January 5, 2023, the standard vehicle parking rate at the Kentucky Exposition Center will increase from $10 to $12 for customers paying at the entrance gates. Those who purchase standard vehicle parking online for participating events will pay $10.60 for a single-use one-day pass, saving $1.40.

Eligible events with standard single-day in-out parking passes will be $15. Standard recreational vehicles or bus parking will be $25. In-out passes, recreational vehicles and bus parking passes are not available for purchase online and must be purchased at the entrance gates. 

All 2023 parking rates will include state sales tax. Parking rates are subject to change; not all events operate with standard parking rates. To purchase parking in advance for eligible events online at the Kentucky Exposition Center, visit 


  1. If you are attending an event at the Kentucky Exposition Center, consider purchasing your parking online, effectively saving $1.40 on your parking and only paying the price of parking plus the new parking tax.
  2. In 2023, we are making the single-day In/Out Parking Pass available at more events, enabling you for that day to come in and out of the property for $15. This price remains unchanged from 2022 for standard events. In/Out passes must be purchased in-person at the gate and applies to events with standard parking rates.
  3. If you are visiting the property for an event that falls outside the standard parking rates, the best price will always be presented online.